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GET Involved | पैयुँ खोला मगर समाज युके



  • Dhan Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Khum Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Bom Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Tej Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • 5. Padam Bahadur Thapa Magar (Life Member)
  • Amar Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Padam Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Bishnu Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Bhir Bahadur Darlami (Life Member)
  • 10. Prem Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Tom Bahadur Ale (Life Member)
  • Yam Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Buddhi Subba (Life Member)
  • Parbati Rana (Widow Life Member)
  • Sawatri Rana (Widow Life Member)
  • Nitish Thapa (Unmarried, Single Member)
  • Ramata Rana/ Yudda Bir Rana (Cheli Life Member)
  • Pooja Thapa/ Jeevan Thapa (Cheli Life Member)
  • Rajina Thapa Magar/ Kanchan Thapa (Cheli Life Member)
  • Nar Bahadur Rana
  • Ajait Thapa
  • Biju Rana
  • Manish Thapa


  • Netra Ale (Life Member)
  • Sahabir Ale (Life Member)
  • Gupta Ale (Life Member)
  • Padam Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Tim Bahadur Rana (Grg) (Life Member)
  • Jiwan Thapa (Life Member)
  • Puran Thapa (Life Member)
  • Surya Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Dinu Ale/ Padam Bahadur Thapa (Cheli Life Member)
  • Mira ale/ Moti Kandangwa (Cheli Life Member)
  • Karna Bahadur Rana
  • Lal Kumari Rana/ Indra Sharma (Cheli)


  • Chitra Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Bhakta Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Ram Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Purna Kumar Thapa (Life Member)
  • Krishna Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Dammar Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Janga Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Yam Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)


  • Kamal Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Hom Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Milan Rana (Life Member)
  • Thakur Kumar Rana (Life Member)
  • Ramesh Rana (Life Member)
  • Top Kumar Rana (Lile Member)
  • Durga Bahadur Rana
  • Mrs. Jog Maya Rana


  • Tharka Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Chitra Bahadur Ale (Life Member)
  • Khadka Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Trishna Rana/ (Cheli)
  • Geeta ale/ Gyan Pun (Cheli)


  • Nar Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Gajbir Rana (Life Member)
  • Dil Bahadur Thapa
  • Dilu Thapa/ Arjun Thapa (Cheli)


  • Maj Tol Bahadur Khamcha (Life Member)
  • Nagendra Thapa (Life Member)
  • Shree Prasad Thapa (Life Member)
  • Nabin Rana (Life Member)
  • Khem Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Krishna Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Raj Kumar Thapa (Life Member)
  • Ashok Thapa (Life Member)
  • Mrs. Bishnu Thapa/ Buddha Thapa (Cheli Life Member)
  • Mrs. Sita Rana/ Chitra Rana (Cheli Life Member)
  • Sajita Thapa/ Dipenda Rana (Cheli)
  • Ashish Thapa Darlami
  • Bashan Rana
  • Sanjib Rana
  • Sunil Rana
  • Sunil Thapa


  • Amrit Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Min Bahadur Thapa (Life Member)
  • Yam Kumar Thapa (Life Member)
  • Capt Lal Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Capt Rukum Rana (Life Member)
  • Lt. Jai Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Prithi Bahadur Rana (Life Member)
  • Bikram Ale (Life Member)
  • Dr. Tuk Raj Rana
  • Hom Bahadur Thapa
  • Padam Bahadur Thapa
  • Tej Bahadur Rana
  • Mrs. Mandira Rana
  • Beepana Rana/ khagen Pun (Cheli)
  • Kalpana Rana/
  • Jamuna Thapa

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  • if you would like us to include your name in this members directory please contact us directly.